Sunday, February 1, 2015


Several boats left Bimini with the intention of traveling to Cat Cay (Bahamian for Key) to drop anchor before making the long run to Nassau.  The ride was not bad so we committed to traveling a few more hours before dropping the hook. Sounded like a great idea until the sun sunk into the sea and we all set our anchors. The seas became so rough that no one could get any rest, so we pulled up and continued on to the cut between Andros and Chub Cay.  Got a little shut eye before continuing on to New Providence.  Enjoyed the very busy downtown area and a fun trip to the zoo on Saturday, before heading out to explore the many cays in the Exumas.

The harbor is very busy with cruise ships coming and going.  As we were entering Ta Ta made their way past this huge girl as she moved through the channel.

Pompey Square provides local craftsmen an opportunity to sell their handiwork.  

Even with this many cruise ships in port there were very few people on the beaches.  It appears shopping in the duty free stores is a much larger lure for the thousands that come ashore.

Jess was happy to see one of his favorite lunch spots.  I was excited to use their wifi.

The zoo was very small by our standards, but we had a very nice time strolling the grounds.  The tropical foliage was just as interesting as the animal life.

It may be the 1st of February, but many plants are blooming beautifully in the Bahamas!

Jess really enjoys the giant trees and vines that always seem to thrive on each other.  He would love to have had some of these available to climb when he was much younger.

I think these flamingos must be able to read! They actually put on a fun little demonstration with their large group of native flamingos.

Cody, the cockatoo, gave me a kiss on the cheek as he thanked us for spending our afternoon at the zoo.  By the way I was informed that Cody is a girl.  Not sure how she got her name.

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