Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Closing Our Circle!

A Bama Dream is now secure at her new home in Goose Pond Marina. We have decided to spend the next few months enjoying some quality time with our children and their families, especially the grandchildren and great grandchildren, before dropping our lines for another trip to the islands. This has been an amazing journey that we are so grateful that we were able to experience! Hopefully our blog has given everyone that has been following us just a little bit of an idea of what we have encountered over the past year. Many of our friends want to know what we plan for our next adventure. Well, while we don't think we will ever spend a whole year on the road, or water, again we are now preparing for our next great adventure by getting a new set of wheels and attaching a small camper to the hitch. As we have decided that there will be at least a few more trips aboard the amazing Bama Dream, she will wait patiently at Goose Pond for her next turn.

Just a few stats from our Great Loop adventure:

             Miles traveled: 7,512
             Engine hours: 1021
             Gallons of fuel: 2790
             Gallons per hour: 2.73
             Average mph: 7.36
             Total trip days: 364
             Days traveled: 195
             Nights on anchor: 164
             Nights at marinas: 156
             Mooring balls; 8
             Walls: 34
             Locks: 148

Untold number of new friends, too many stunning sunrises and sunsets to count, just a couple of bad days, caught some very nice fish, visited numerous charming seaside villages, and came home with a great tan!

Our favorite selfie of the trip!

Thanks to our son, Seth, who kept track of our travels on this map of the Great Loop, we are able to share this overview of our trip.

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