Friday, January 16, 2015

Key Hopping

Jan. 13-16

Days 63-66

We have had an enjoyable week investigating some of the Keys as we have traveled toward the lights of Miami.  Visiting Key Biscayne National Park was high on our list of required stops before we left for the Bahamas.  Upon arrival at the park areas that are only accessible by boat, we discovered that we were the only people interested in touring the park, at least at this time of year.  The ranger stations at Adams Key and Elliot Key were deserted.  We had the place to ourselves (except for the bugs).  I am sure if you are here in the summer when all of the tour activities are available, there may be more to see.  A short ride up to No Name Harbor in Bill Baggs State Park has proved to be our best stop this week. There are wonderful walking trails, interesting wildlife, a very peaceful (although someone was enjoying a rather rambunctious birthday party until rather late last night) anchorage, all within site of the lights of Miami.  We hope to make the run to Bimini early Sunday morning, so this may be my last post for awhile.  I will continue to update when I am able to access wifi.

                                           One more to check off my list.

The grounds on Adams Key are exactly what I have always envisioned a tropical island to look like.  Of course there were no hammocks in the trees or servers to bring a nice cool beverage.

We sure didn't have any problems finding an available table for our picnic.  We had planed a walk over to the beach on the ocean side of the key, the bugs changed our minds rather quickly.

Evidently hurricane Sandy did a lot of damage here.  All of the docks appear to be brand new.  At least there were plenty of parrot fish, barracuda, and birds enjoying the park.

Cape Florida lighthouse stands at the southern point of Key Biscayne.

There are several different types if Iguanas that call Bill Baggs home.  They were all out basking in the sunshine as we enjoyed our walk around the park.

Not a great picture, I have still not been able to get closer than this to a manatee.  This guy kept surfacing by our boat, enticing me to see how close he would let us get in the dink.  You have to be very patient because they can stay down quite awhile between breaths.

Jess and I took a nice walk along the beach this morning.  This is supposed to be one of the top 10 beaches in Florida.  I don't know who is doing the voting, but it sure doesn't compare to our Alabama beaches, or the ones along the panhandle.

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