Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Waiting Not So Patiently

I have ended my last two posts with the statement that we are headed to the Bahamas, and it may be awhile before I can update the blog.  Each time I believed our departure was imminent. Not so. We are still in the good old U. S., but it looks like tomorrow is finally the big day.  We really enjoyed our stay in No Name Harbor, although we were happy to raise our anchor this morning to move 30 miles down to Pumpkin Key. We have rendezvoused with 5 other cruisers headed for Bimini early tomorrow morning.  As the saying goes, "safety in numbers".

The water was a little rough on our Sunday ride with Ta Ta, but otherwise it was an absolutely beautiful day.  The only reason we had rough seas was that there were so many fast boats enjoying the day that we were waked constantly.  

Our little anchorage at No Name Harbor was a happening place on the weekend!  

When we returned from our cruise around Miami's harbor there were so many new arrivals that Ta Ta didn't have room to drop anchor, so they just rafted to Bama Dream.  Some of the day cruisers were rafted up 4 deep.  Even with all this congestion we still had a dolphin come into the harbor chasing a school of fish.  Everyone was quite entertained by his antics!

This heron was waiting patiently for some fishermen to throw out their bait.  He made a perfect setting for another nice sunset.

This picture is for Tammy.  There are flowers blooming everywhere here, so it would be hard to tell when springtime has arrived.

On our way out of the harbor we passed through Stiltsville.  There are several homes here that are now part of the Florida Park Service.  They are slowly deteriorating, but they do provide sanctuary for many birds and fish.

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