Sunday, December 14, 2014

Another learning experience!

Dec. 13

Day 32

Weather conditions: began as the best day in a long time, ended differently

We started our day cruising down the ICW, enjoying the sights as we made our way south.  As we passed by Clearwater and then on to St. Petersburg the skyline on both sides was dotted with highrises and beautiful waterfront homes.  After maneuvering around the weekend cruisers for several hours, we decided to pass out into the gulf, on our way to an anchorage at Egmont Key. Bad choice!  The gulf was terribly rough, but we kept thinking that the eastern side of the key would be protected from most of the wind.  One lost fender and numerous items scattered across the salon later, we realized that our rocking and rolling was not going to get any better.  Our anchors did hold with no problems, but this was by far not one of our most comfortable nights. Hopefully lesson learned about wind direction.

Marinas, highrises, and waterfront homes complete the scenery along this section of the ICW.

Getting to the beach is very important for the residents and visitors of the Bay area.  Thus there are many bridges crossing the ICW. At least most of them are very attractive.

This version of the Mayflower used modern power to give their passengers a tour of the bay.

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