Saturday, December 6, 2014


Dec. 5 & 6

Day 24

Weather conditions: Fog

We hauled up the anchor at 7:45 to make the short run over to Carrabelle. We are on Eastern time now, so we feel like we are staying up later (at least till 7:30) and sleeping a little later. That probably won't last long. As we pulled out into open water the fog thickened to the point that we couldn't see from one marker to the next. It is times like this that I am thankful for the magenta line on my chart plotter.  The fog had finally lifted by the time we entered the waterway into Carrabelle.  Our plan is to stay here until Sunday in order to watch the SEC Championship game. So much for that. We have learned that if we don't head across the gulf by Saturday afternoon our weather window will close and we will not be able to cross until at least Thursday.  We did manage a picnic lunch, fairly long walk around town, and a nice dinner at the Fisherman's Wife restaurant with some fellow travelers. Bama Dream and Raydiance will be headed across the gulf on our way to Tarpon Springs at game time. Roll Tide Roll!!!

              Maybe not quite as thick as pea soup, but certainly thicker than we like.

                                      Carrabelle is a very friendly, picturesque small town.

Every place should have something that gives them a claim to fame.  The smallest police station in the world as recorded by Guinness Book of World Records.

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