Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sharing the ditch!

Dec. 14

Day 33

Weather conditions: sunny, warm

We were so glad to leave last night's anchorage that when we got back on track we just kept going.  Other than slowing down (even slower than our normal slow speed) for numerous manatee zones, and avoiding Sunday traffic, we just kept chugging along.  Our only bad experience came in a very narrow ditch area below Venice. A group showing off their very large Sea Ray was not overly concerned that the wake they were throwing up was rocking everyone as they went by.  Luckily after our rough seas yesterday we had secured our TV or it would have been a goner. As it was, most of the stuff that didn't hit the floor yesterday hit it today.  I guess I didn't really need my pretty red bowl anyway.  We did enjoy our dolphin visitors today. After covering 70 miles today we are anchored peacefully at Gasparilla Island. 

                             A nice sunrise, hopefully promising nice, calm waters.

I am not quick enough with the camera to get a shot of them jumping, so you will have to use your imagination!

These fishermen were catching boatloads full of mullet with their cast nets.  Personally I think that is cheating. You should at least have to give them a fighting chance by throwing out a baited hook.

One of several bridges that had to be opened for our passage. Gives one a certain feeling of power when traffic has to stop to let us cruise by.

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