Saturday, December 6, 2014


Dec. 4

Day 23

Weather Conditions: Absolutely beautiful

After a very peaceful night on anchor we pulled out at 8:00 for a short run to Apalachicola.  This area of the ICW is a narrow passage through the swamps.  We didn't encounter as much wildlife as we expected, but Jess was thrilled to finally see a few turtles again.  We dropped anchor in Apalachicola Bay and dinked over to a very welcoming city dock.  The historic section of downtown has been very nicely restored making for a great place to stretch our legs.  Our main goal here was to make sure Jess had a chance to enjoy some of the famous Apalachicola oysters.

                 You can tell when you have reached a seafaring town by its Christmas decorations.

                  The Cypress trees provide stunning Fall colors against the brilliant blue sky.

Even tree stumps are carved to show how close Apalachicola's ties are to the sea.

A shrimp boat passes by as we enjoy a great supper on the wharf at Boss Oyster restaurant.  This restaurant is ranked among the top 10 oyster restaurants in the U. S.  According to Jess they are well deserving of the honor.  You can see Bama Dream on anchor in the background.

Life doesn't get much better than this.  Bama Dream on the hook in peaceful seas, a nice sunset, and a rising moon.

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