Saturday, December 20, 2014

Found a little bit of paradise!

Dec. 16 & 17

Days 35-36

Weather conditions: perfection

We were in for a wonderful surprise when we entered the gulf.  It was very calm with minimal rolling.  Most of our day was spent cruising down the coast past Ft. Myers, Naples and eventually Marco Island.  Our charts lead us to believe that there would be plenty of water south of Marco Island to work our way east into the Thousand Islands area.  Evidently there has been a little bit of shoaling in the area because we felt the sandy bottom once as we crossed. Caused for a little excitement but that was all!  As we dropped our anchor behind White Horse Key we knew we were in the perfect spot.  Other than our dink ride the day before, we had not been off the boat since leaving Dunedin on Saturday.  We were both more than ready for some beach time.

The highlight of today's cruising was spotting our first sea turtle.  

Bama Dream on the hook as we enjoy adding our footprints to the sandy beach.  Had no problem finding shells for our treasure box.

Found several small horseshoe crab shells.

The roots of the mangrove trees are amazing.  Many of the "islands" are actually nothing more than these trees with their roots all woven together.

Our selfies are not the best! I really would prefer getting the camera lens much further away!

Went for a nice dinghy ride through some of the keys.  If you went too far in it would be easy to get lost because after awhile they all look alike.

Fish were jumping everywhere so it was time for Jess to see if he could catch our dinner.  He had no trouble getting 3 nice sea trout that were awesome on the grill.

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