Saturday, October 25, 2014

2 More Locks (Again)

Day 14
October 24, 2014

Depart: Columbus, MS/7:45
Arrive: Anchorage just below Heflin Lock/4:10

Weather Conditions: couldn't be better

Our initial plan for today was to get through Bevill Lock and then as close to Heflin Lock as we could get comfortably.  We did so well that we conquered both locks today.  That makes for an easy day getting to the marina tomorrow.  One of the Active Captain reviews for an anchorage we were going by mentioned that an alligator had been spotted there.  Jess has been on alligator watch ever since.  I think he is really set on sighting one before I do.  The challenge is on!  We did enjoy watching several bald eagles as we continued down the river.

This the snag boat Montgomery, a sternwheeler that in its day plied various southern waters.  She is now available for tours at the Tom Bevill Visitor's Center.  Hopefully I will have a better picture when I can get photos from my camera.

Jess did think about getting dressed today, but when I told him that teenagers wear their pajama bottoms to school all the time, he decided that was all the permission he needed.  I think the lock tender, a Mississippi State fan, was very understanding.  Although, when I gave him a "Roll Tide" he did threaten to not open the gates.

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