Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Our Final Locks (At Least for 2014)

Days 16 &17
October 26 & 27, 2014

Depart: Kingfisher Marina/6:44
Arrive: Anchorage at mm145/3:30

Depart: Anchorage/7:11
Arrive: Anchorage at mm95/4:07

Weather Conditions: cool mornings, sunny afternoons

An early morning was on tap for our exit from Kingfisher Marina.  There were 5 boats headed out, so the Demopolis Lock gave us a 7:00 time for lock down.  No problem, we seem to have adjusted quite nicely to cruising time.  Cruisers and farmers have at least one thing in common.  We start asking what time it is about 6:30, then struggle to stay up until 8 or 9.  Then, of course, we are up before daylight.  One looper told me that 9:00 is the looper's midnight.  I don't know what we will do when the time changes and it is dark at 6:00.  Sunday was an exciting day! We made our first siting of alligators as they lounged along the banks enjoying the sunshine.

There are many homes that hug the shore along the Tenn-Tom.  Some, like this one, are very nice, while others have definitely seen better days.

Not everyone can find a produce stand in the middle of nowhere. Jess and I took the dinghy over to the beach after we dropped anchor on Monday evening. As we walked along the sand we found a watermelon vine running across the beach. Obviously someone had picnicked here during the summer.  By the way, the watermelon was very good!

The sun peeks through the trees as we silently move out of our anchorage on the 27th.

After a two hour wait for a tow to lock down and another one to lock up, we finally were able to take our turn with four other loopers.  This picture shows us escaping captivity as we exit Coffeeville Lock.  
This is our last lock until we reach the Erie Canal.  This lock is number 15 for us. The other loopers began their trip in Florida. They were congratulating themselves on making it through almost 200 locks.  We obviously have quite a few more to go!

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