Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Day of Locking, Oh Joy!

Day 11
Oct. 21, 2014

Depart-Anchorage on Bay Springs Lake/6:55
Arrive-Anchorage on Aberdeen Lake/4:15

Weather Conditions- morning fog, sunny

As you can tell by my title for this day, locking is not one of my favorite parts of this trip!  Our goal for the day was Aberdeen, MS because Jess' brother and sister-in-law, Vernon and Marci, are driving over from Hamilton tomorrow for a short visit.  In order for that to happen we had to get through the first 6 locks on the Tenn-Tom waterway.  The Jamie Whitten lock was really the only one that proved to be a little tricky, but only because the fog had not lifted off of the river when we made our approach.  There were 9 loopers going through together for the first 3 locks, but as the day progressed many of them went into marinas and anchorages along the way.  By the time we reached Wilkins and Amory Locks we were down to just two. Sundowner joined us as we chose a quite anchorage at the headwaters of Aberdeen Lake. We actually had a welcoming party as we turned into the anchorage.  A very large rattlesnake was making his way to the shore. This is one time I was happy that we need enough room for the boat to swing on the anchor. No way can we find ourselves under any trees. I know from experience that snakes can climb trees!

There really is a dam just in front of us!  Luckily by the time we were through this lock the fog had lifted and we enjoyed another gorgeous day on the river.

Ta Ta, from British Columbia, and Sundowner, from Florida lead the way as we exit our first lock of the day.  

After over 100 years of planning the Tenn-Tom Waterway finally opened for travel from the Tennessee River to Mobile in 1985. It was quite a construction project for its time.  The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers designed this massive undertaking, as well as, operating it today. Those of us who are able to enjoy this amazing river system thank them for a job well done.  Other than the difference in drop/lift at each lock, they are all built on the same design. Thus after the first lock there are no surprises for those of us who prefer it that way

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