Saturday, October 25, 2014

Roll Tide! (Again)

Day 15
October 25, 2014

Depart: Anchorage/7:40
Arrive: King Fisher Marina, Demopolis/1:30

Weather Conditions: won't last forever, cool mornings, nice afternoons

Short day today!  We have about 50 miles to go to get to TV.  Yes, I know we need some fuel, a pump out, and full water tanks, but let's get real, the reason we are stopping at the marina is actually TV.  This is a very nice marina, with all of the things that are important to people that live in very small spaces.  The laundry is fantastic by marina standards, and the showers are very clean.  There is even a heated pool somewhere, although we have not searched for it.  No time, the games are starting!  We did take a short walk to stretch our legs, but it is now time to get the cable set up.

Cruising under the I59/20 bridge.  We have been traveling for two weeks and are now two hours from Birmingham!  Life on the water is not going to break any speed records.

The white cliffs at Epes were stunning in the morning sunshine.  There are some beautiful red trees that  contrast brilliantly with the chalk white slopes.  Unfortunately they don't show up that well here.  Again, I will add some from my camera later.

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