Monday, October 20, 2014

On to the Tenn-Tom

Day 9
October 19, 2014

Depart-Aqua Yacht Harbor Marina/8:50
Arrive-Anchorage in Bay Springs Lake, MS/1:20

Weather Conditions: Couldn't be nicer!

Jess is just a little bit excited today!  He has crossed over the Tenn-Tom for many years dreaming of the day he would be on the water instead of a bridge.  Today is the day!  We really feel that we are finally on this great journey, as we leave our Tennessee River behind to discover what adventures this new body of water holds for us.

                                         A stunning sunrise on Pickwick Lake.

Jess was hoping that a trucker would come by so he could blow his horn.  Didn't happen even though he slowed way down.  You can see in this picture how the Tenn-Tom is a ditch or canal lined with rocks on both sides along this stretch.

We were glad that we had already entered the larger waters of Bay Springs Lake before this tow came by.  There are going to be many more of these passages as we move south on the Tenn-Tom.

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